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About Me

Listen to my interview with Heather Suttee on BBC Scotland Radio

I was born and raised in Glasgow. I worked in the railway industry for 23 years, the majority of which were in IT support.

I was always a fan of mystery novels and when I was introduced to the hard-boiled fiction of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Ross Macdonald, a passion was born.

All through my life I wrote constantly but never finished anything. The death of our son in 2007 made me realise that life was too short to keep putting off my dreams until another day. It made me want to finish my first book ‘The Reluctant Detective’, and a new career was born.

Craig Campbell is my vision of a contemporary Scottish private detective to honour those first-person mysteries I love.

Beginning with Soulseeker, the Russell and Menzies mysteries have given me an opportunity to explore some darker themes.

I still live close to my native city with my wonderful wife Kim and my lovely daughter Kirsten.

As part of Indie Authors World with Kim, we now help other authors to self publish, sell their books and fulfil their dreams.

You can learn more about me in the video below.

"This is Glasgow and we don’t scare easily."
Tom Russell in The Harlequin

Video interview