The Reluctant Detective

Craig Campbell’s quiet life as an insurance investigator is turned upside down when Ann Kilpatrick hires him to find her son’s killer. He reluctantly agrees but doesn’t believe he can really help.Before long he is plunged into a world of corruption, deceit and greed. His journey takes him from the underbelly of Glaswegian society to the rural idyll of a millionaire’s mansion.

Along the way, a death close to home ensures that he has a personal reason to face the dangers and bring the murderer to justice.

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The Good Girl

Craig Campbell leaves his native city to investigate the disappearance of a young woman from St  Andrews. Initially, it appears to be a simple case of a girl escaping to start a new life, but it soon becomes apparent that there are ominous undertones.

When a woman’s body is found on a nearby beach the case takes an even darker turn. Craig focuses his attention on the seedy world of escorts and their clients. A pimp with a violent history and a number of witnesses with their own secrets to protect block his investigation.

He finally breaks through the wall of lies and discovers a gruesome truth that leads to a dramatic and explosive climax.

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The Killer Performer

It should have been Craig Campbell’s dream job, working for a rock star who was his boyhood hero. But when the target of his investigation is murdered, Craig is the prime suspect.

Despite the police suspicions, The Reluctant Detective is released and begins his own pursuit of the killer.
His investigations bring him to the attention of a Glaswegian drug lord with a vested interest in the case. Craig’s own safety is threatened and he is ready to walk away but as the body count mounts he feels compelled to continue the hunt.

Rival drug gangs, jealous musicians, a disturbed rival and a crazed voice from the past are all possible suspects. Craig must find the killer before the finale of their murderous performance brings the curtain down on another life.

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The Island Murder

Craig Campbell is all set for a relaxing weekend break on a Scottish island when he meets a group of motorbike fanatics. They invite him to join them for an evening in a pub but the evening is spent with a fractious group of people with one divisive influence.
When one of them is murdered, Craig begins an investigation that reveals jealousy, greed, scandal and more. Due to a storm the island is isolated from the mainland and with only a special constable for help, he discovers that there is no shortage of suspects. Can he find the killer before the wind and rain relents and the murderer escapes both the island and justice?

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Detective Inspector Alex Menzies starts her first day in a new job with a call to the scene of a terrible murder. The body of a young man has been left on a funeral pyre with a hole in the middle of his forehead. The investigation into the bizarre murder is lead by Alex’s new boss Detective Superintendent Tom Russell.
A vicious, bigoted racist is the first suspect but within days the city is shocked by the discovery of another mutilated and burned body. The killer’s signature is a small cross placed in the victim’s hand and the terrifying possibility of the city’s first serial killer in over forty years gives the police investigators a challenge that will tax all their skills and combined experience.
The killer continues to find new victims and with each death the case becomes more puzzling and the police more desperate. As fear grips Glasgow, the investigative team must find the Soulseeker before he kills again in his search for the truth about the human soul.

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A dismembered body is found in a peaceful loch. The police discover it is Gregg Wright, the son of the leader of one of Glasgow’s most notorious criminal organisations. With the realisation, Detective Superintendent Tom Russell and Detective Inspector Alex Menzies dread the prospect of a renewed war between two of the city’s most violent gangs.
Tensions rise between the criminal elements as the killer remains free and no one on the streets knows who is responsible. Russell and Menzies look to the victim’s son and business acquaintances as possible suspects in a desperate attempt to stop reprisals escalating out of control. Meanwhile their bosses are getting nervous and pile on the pressure to see the case resolved as quickly as possible.
When the victim’s wife is found, another possible motive is discovered. Is the case related to organised crime or does the reason lie in something else equally dark? The detectives and their team discover the horrible truth but can they stop the killer committing one final atrocious act?

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The Harlequin

On April Fool’s Day 1983 a cruel prank goes horribly wrong and a dangerous seed is planted. Ten years later, a more sinister joke is played and six people die. The Harlequin has arrived. As a young detective constable, Tom Russell becomes embroiled in a hunt that will dog his career.

2003, the Iraq war has just begun and The Harlequin returns with his own ‘Shock and Awe’ tactic by killing three people in the middle of a Glaswegian spring day. Russell is called once again to pursue the killer.

Easter Monday, 2013 and The Harlequin’s end game becomes apparent. Russell is just one of his targets as he kidnaps three more victims and broadcasts to the world a horrifying game show. Can Russell and Alex Menzies finally put an end to the Harlequin’s reign of terror?

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Grave Consequences

In the shadow of the great monuments of Glasgow Necropolis a young woman’s body is found. There is no obvious cause for her death but she has been laid out in a funereal pose wearing a Victorian wedding dress and holding a white rose in her hand.
For Detective Inspector Alex Menzies the case represents another challenge. Not only in finding the killer but in dealing with an increasingly distant and disturbed boss.
Detective Superintendent Tom Russell is still haunted by the murder of his ex-wife, and realises that the person he once was is slipping away.
As tensions rise between the two detectives a second body is found in similar circumstances. A serial killer or a copycat? Either way the two detectives must put aside their personal problems before there are further grave consequences.

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